Our Mission
We are dedicating to serve community with premium health care products using advanced technology of our state-of-the-art factory and high caliber employees.
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AlEsraa pharmaceurical
Our products
We discovers, develops and makes medicines to treat a range of the common diseases.
AlEsraa pharmaceurical
Careers at ALESRAA pharmaceuticals
We are devoted to our colleagues’ development and advancement
AlEsraa pharmaceurical
Business partnership is vital in breathing life into the Operation Warm mission.
Factory Available Capacities
Production Line / Annual Capacity
1.8Billion Tablet
Solids – Tablet
19Million Bottle
Oral Drops and Nasal Spray
303Million Caps
Solids – Capsule
13.3Million Tube
53Million Bottle
197Million Sachet
15.8Million Bottle

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