Proctan ST Capsules

General tonic
Active Ingredients: 150 mg Avena sativa ext., 100 mg Asian Ginseng ext., 14 mg Ginkgo biloba ext., 5 mg Nettles powder ext., 5 mg L- arginine., 5 mg Ginger powder ext., 25mcg Boron, 5 mg Capsicum ext., 100 mcg Chromium
Indications: Therapeutic and restorative tonic generally considered to produce a “balancing” effect on the body through increasing energy levels, relieve stress, enhance physical and mental efficiency and immune system function and promote general wellbeing.



Each Hard gelatin capsule contains:
– Avena sativa powder extract 150 mg – Asian Ginseng powder extract 100 mg
– Ginkgo biloba powder extract 14 mg – Wheat germ oil 75 mg – Nettles powder extract 5 mg
– L- arginine Powder 5 mg – Ginger powder extract 5 mg – Boron Proteinate Powder 25 mcg
– Capsicum powder extract 5 mg – Chromium Picolinate Powder 100 mcg

Dietary supplement to improve general health.

1-2 Capsules daily (2 Hours after Lunch) or as prescribed by the physician

Pack containing one strip of 10 capsules and insert leaflet
Pack containing three strips each of 10 capsules and insert leaflet

Store in dry place at temperature not exceeding 30°C.